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Edi Brancolini was born in Rovereto of Novi (Modena), Italy in 1946 and started working as an artist in 1965.
In 1972/73 he attended the free school of nude drawing in Venice under Prof. Luigi Tito who taught him the importance of forbearing and persistent drawing from real life.
After a brief informal experience, his paintings in the 1970's had a strong socio-existential character which, with the passage of time, has translated on the oneiric. His recent works breathe an air of late romanticism veiled by subtle irony, where technical virtuosity has come to a paroxysm but never indulges in itself, taken up as it is in serving the deeper poetic meaning behind the work.
via A.Palladio, 6/c - 41012 Carpi (MODENA) - Italy
cell.+39 333.3956030
e-mail: edibrancolini@gmail.com

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